Multi-generational Housing Communities

The digital nomad lifestyle is made possible by the modern world. In some ways it harkens back to nomads but not really very much. Another idea that is gaining favor (not as popular as the digital nomad trend) is multi-generational housing.

Our ancestors all lived in close knit multi-generational communities. Normally with 3 or 4 generations of the same family under the same roof (or within shouting distance in a hut nearby).

I can understand many reasons why many of us moved to our more independent way of living (especially in the USA) as we got rich enough to afford to do so.

There are really interesting (small) efforts to do this in non-related multi-generation households. I think there are very good reasons for it. And for people like me that would rather not live in the same house with these others it can even work in a small group of homes. Often with shared kitchen… Sometimes older people can share some financial burden (young family gets cheaper housing). And younger people can help with yard work, repairs… Cooking can be shared. Childcare from elderly can help free up the kids parents and can give some personal contact to elderly (that can otherwise be socially isolated). Kids can get more contact with people in the small community and may has less time just sitting in front of Netflix (especially small kids).

I learned about the resurgent movement for co-housing while I was living as a nomad. To me it really seems like another form of trying new ways of living that are not the common living arrangement for most people today. It seems to me it has the potential to be as life changing and enriching as many find the nomad lifestyle to be.

Of course there are all the issues you have with people being together. But there are some pretty good things about it too.

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3 thoughts on “Multi-generational Housing Communities

  1. Hi, interesting topic!

    There are a lot of pros and cons to be considered here and I have only lived in the UK, so I can only give my spective of how I see the British public.

    I believe Britain has become impatient and has very little tolerance towards family being in their space. Like you mentioned before, once it was normal. But now, Britain can just about manage the period over Xmas where it’s still normally a forced situation.

    As a result the elderly are packed off to nursing homes and we dread to think what role we’ll have to play as our own parents get older.

    I regret to say this… by in the past this has been my attitude. But I wish it had not been. I’m old fashioned and now I love big groups, being merry and enjoying life.

    Plus, it teaches us to share our space and work as a team.

    Bring back multi generational living!


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